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What If Spielberg Were A Columnist?

What if he were in a different profession?
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Paramount

Could anyone picture Steven Spielberg writing for a newspaper, magazine, or blog? Would if he have a tenured position at a publication for many years, or would he spend his career bouncing around from one outlet to another? And above all, would any of that Spielberg magic translate to the printed page the way it has with the visual image in his films? One can only speculate as to what Spielberg could have been if he had not become a filmmaker.

There are many possibilities as to what he could have done outside of filmmaking. Some options would have held great promise for him. Others would have been disappointing and made you realize what you would have missed out on had he not going into film. Either way, it will probably be an endless topic of fascination for a small segment of both Spielberg enthusiasts and detractors alike for years to come. And no doubt they already have for the past four decades.

There are lot of things that could be pondered over what the possibilities would have been had he never picked up a camera. One just hopes he would have been successful, if anything. It would be sad and tragic to learn one of the greatest filmmakers of all time chose a career where he was less than brilliant. Yet through his films, Spielberg has never wanted his fans to ever dwell too much on the negative.

Most likely, his interest would either still be in film or engineering. He could eventually have rivaled the great Roger Ebert in both output and quality in terms of his reviews. Or maybe he would have written for either Entertainment Weekly or TV Guide. Yet he also could have written a column for an engineering magazine or science journal. Since that is what his father did for a living. But if he had taken this route, we would never have experienced the cinematic brilliance that was Steven Spielberg.

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