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What If Spielberg Was A Voice Over Actor?

Could you imagine him doing the voice of your favorite cartoons?
Could you imagine him doing the voice of your favorite cartoons?
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

I have posed questions this column previously about what Steven Spielberg would have done had he not become a director. Another curiosity is if he had become a voice over actor. A lot less money in his pocket and a lot less stress, despite the huge possibility that he never would have become legendary filmmaker he evolved into as the years went on. It is probably the ultimate question of What Could Have Been?

Yet one voice over role he had was on a couple guest shots of Tiny Tony Adventures, one of the animated series he produced for Warner Bros. If this is any indication of he might have done, he would not have been bad at it. Yet this does not indicate he would have been anywhere near the level of a Mel Blanc or Daws Butler either. Judging by his couple of appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures, he would have either been average or below average as a voice actor. Which is strange considering this is Steven Spielberg one is talking about here. And neither average or below average are terms you typically associate with someone who gave us films such as JAWS or E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

But no doubt if he was good enough, he would find steady work as voice over in cartoons, animated films, or even commercials and video games over the years. But it would not have been the million and billion dollar fortunes he would later acquire as a filmmaker or producer. Startling to think about in his case, but he would have (most likely) getting paid a small fee for each job, trying to feed his family and put food on the table with that tiny amount of money. Although that is not saying he could not find steady work as a voice actor.

We should all be very happy and lucky Spielberg had the success he did have instead of wondering how he might have done in a lesser capacity within film and television getting paid a lot less money for his work than helming a film.