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What If Spielberg Made A Baseball Film?

Could the legendary director handle a film about America' favorite pastime?

There have been many great baseball movies over the years. But what if Steven Spielberg directed one? On one hand, some may contend there already is a classic Spielberg like baseball movie out there. And that would be Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner. It has much of Spielberg’s light and optimistic tone. Along with his focus on family, the main character having issues with his father, and a fantasy element. Yet in the last 15 years, Spielberg has more or less focused on directing serious films. Maybe the latter would be the best route. The best recent example would be for those who watched the Jackie Robinson biopic 42, starring one of his biggest stars, Harrison Ford. If or when he ever makes such a film, it will be interesting to see the route Spielberg takes with a baseball concept. It could go either way, the more commercial fantasy route or the more serious direction that can result in critical acclaim.

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