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What If Spielberg Had Directed Ryan O'Neal?

Could he have handled the temperamental star?

Steven Spielberg never worked with actor Ryan O’Neal on a film. In his prime, O’Neal often delivered solid performances in films such as Love Story, Paper Moon, and Barry Lyndon. It would have been interesting to see the two pair up. Even though one would have question how they would have gotten along on the set. Other than the stressful worries of Jaws and a few of his earlier works before this, Spielberg is said to be a very calm easygoing guy. He is a person who is said to be very friendly and caring, and easy to get along with in most cases.

O’Neal is said to be another story. Someone who often has a history of being very temperamental and confrontational when he is in a bad mood. Whether he could have gotten along with Spielberg if they worked together on a film during their primes is anyone’s guess.

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