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What If Parents Could Send Letters To Teachers? - Part I

It's that time of year again. Teacher letters are going home providing tips for test taking. I find them a bit condescending. Basically, teachers are telling parents how to parent as a form of preservation for their test scores. The top of the sheet clearly states keys to the test. Thanks to common core testing, they have successfully intruded in our lives with opinions on how to parent. Here is the most recent carnation that came home with my children.

It was titled "Keys to Success."

First tip. Please give your child every opportunity to succeed. This is their chance to shine.

2nd Tip: Make sure your child comes to school with his/her glasses. If it is April, and your student has come to school all year without their glasses, its nice to see a test gives you cause for alarm.

3rd Tip: Make sure that your child has eaten a nutritious and balanced breakfast. Would that not be a general requirement for success any day of the year?

4th Tip: Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep. When you tell an elementary student this tip, does this help them sleep better?

5th Tip: Make sure your child has received his/her medications. Seriously, teachers are now supporting Big Pharma?

6th Tip: If possible over vacation, let your child play outside and limit the amount of video game and TV time. Recreational advice is part of teacher's job?

7th Tip: Make sure your child is clean, well-rested, and in a good frame of mind. This will help give them clear thinking on the days of the tests. Is it safe to assume teachers feel that kids are coming to school dirty, pissed off and off task on non-testing days?

8th Tip: Arrive to school on time. Any other day you can be tardy....but the TEST DAY is intolerable!!!

Can some parents benefit from some of these parenting strategies? Absolutely. Unfortunately, public education has allowed itself to assess all parents in the same manner. Similar to the students they serve, damaging assessments of parenting are delivered universally. It is truly degrading and creates more mistrust of teachers. Why should I/We as parents, respect a teacher that has ironically failed to following steps similar to be a highly effective teacher. I will explain in my next article. What would happen if our perceptions of highly effective teaching would be sent home to all teachers in our district?

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