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I just wrote an article called The Days of Wonder about the Supreme Court hearing of the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga case. Both of these use to be clients of mine. That’s just a little full disclosure information there. I also in addition mentioned that Obama would meet with Pope Francis. I said that these 3 days might mean profound things for America. I have particularly spoke about how Obama could please the Pope securing his biggest ally and splitting Christianity or drive the Christians into each other arms.

Much loved, Pope Francis, kisses a baby
by Associated Press

You did know that there has been a movement to bring Protestants and Catholics back together since the 1960s and Vatican II, right? There is a reason why in several hundred years these have not come back together. Those reasons have not changed but the people and their convictions have.

Watch the video, attached, and listen directly to a charismatic Bishop and the Pope speak about the basis for unity. By the way, The Eastern Church disagrees with Rome and before that the followers of John. So, all through history there have been groups that differed from Catholic Rome.

If you know prophecy, it is predicted that this unity will in fact happen, but it will be the people from all denomination that turns whole heartedly to Christ to receive righteousness by Grace AND keep YHVH’s Commandments that will be persecuted again. They are the only ones that will not have the mark of the beast. Sin is breaking God’s Commandments. No person sealed by the Spirit ever wants to do that.

Well Watch and tell me what you will think of what seeming will be a great reunion. Also what do you think will happen to those that refuse to join in?


The Audio Drama story of God and man

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