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What if Obama decided not to leave office after his term ends?

President Obama has been the most lawless president we have ever had, presiding over the most lawless administration in our nation's history. It should go without saying, that is why so many refer to this administration as the “Obama Regime.” A president that goes down the path of not abiding by the law, and having so much support from the mainstream media and others, seems to get away with it while facing few consequences for his actions, is a president that seemingly has few limits on what he can do. Just the other day, he said he can do whatever he wants because he's the president.

Barack Obama with an odd look on his face during a recent press conference
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

What would stop this president from deciding that he, unlike all presidents before him, doesn't have to leave office when his term ends? What would stop him from coming up with some reason to post-pone the 2016 election? Rush Limbaugh posed this question on his program today, and it's quite a legitimate question to ask, given how lawless and disrespectful of the Constitution (and the institution of the presidency) this president has been.

Rush painted a picture of a scenario in which this might happen. He said let's suppose that 2014 is a bigger wave election than 2010, and Republicans gain seats in the House to strengthen their majority there while gaining enough Senate seats to take control of that chamber as well. Rush said he believes that voters are so fed up with what's going on, and that for many all they know to do about it is to vote on election day, that tens of millions will turn out to vote and vote out Democrats even more than voters did in 2010.

When 2016 comes around, Barack Obama could declare that he just can't leave office and turn the country over to Republicans, in fear they might repeal the entire Obama agenda with the election of a Republican president in 2016. So Obama could declare some kind of emergency, or citing the need to finish the implementation of ObamaCare and declare he needs more time in office and announce he will postpone the 2016 election.

Or, would he find a way to ignore or cancel the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution and try to run for a third term instead? He wouldn't do that if he thought he couldn't steal enough votes to win again 2016.

Secret service might have to physically escort Barack Obama out of the White House when the time comes. If that happens, we might not know until years later when someone from secret service spilled the beans. They'll give Obama a big shot of Thorazine and tell him to behave while he watches President-elect Ted Cruz take the oath of office as our next president.

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