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What if my worst sins are still ahead of me?

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In the first reading from the daily Mass (Jeremiah 30:1-2, 12-15, 18-22), God promises Israel (and Judah) that even though they have sinned immensely against Him, His Love is still greater than any, and all, of their sin. God promises, moreover, to bring them back to the Promised Land.

But He also reveals that He allowed this calamity to occur in the first place (exile) because of Israel's (and Judah's) desire to follow false gods.

Many a day I think that my past sin has brought about much calamity, and God's Mercy has sustained me through it, leading me to a better life through repentance and conversion in the Sacraments of Jesus Christ's Catholic Church. And I would be correct in thinking this. But I also have a fear that my fragile hold on sanctity is as breakable as fine China in a room full of Rhino's.

What if my worst sin is yet to come? What if God exiles me far longer, and far stronger, than previously experienced?

Thinking of my sin as the most abominable monstrosity on earth, I have to wonder how abominable, and how monstrous, the cup of wrath Jesus drank on Calvary. How monstrous, moreover, is the sin of those who ultimately choose freely against God and go to hell rather than adore God in heaven?

As monstrous as my sin might be, and as monstrous as those who seek for hell freely, my faith reveals God's Mercy as Infinitely greater.

Why else would God have Loved us so much as to die on the Cross for us?