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What if Kanye heads East and Kim heads South

Love Forever?
Love Forever?
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

# I am cancelling my subcription to Vogue. The only thing cute about this disastor waiting to happen is baby North. I mean I am not going to sit here and call Kim Kardashian or Kanye West ugly by any means. I would probably give them awards for two of the most good-looking people in the world minus Brad and Angelina, but Brad and Angelina they are not and never will be.

This is a true story for all of those who actually believe that beauty is found on the inside not on the outside. Kanye and Kim are certainly not humanitarians. I think if they had the chance to eat the world for a million dollars they just might. On again, off again, on again, off again and now a beautiful multi thousand dollar white dress on the cover of Vogue. What does that say to all the young girls standing in the grocery isles? It says money buys me love, and pretty dresses.

Society has really gone so far astray when we are praising and celebrating Kanye and Kim. There is a plane missing with over 200 people on it, a crises in the Ukraine, Who are these two? Is this what life is about? I am all about dating but this is not how I want my daughter to date much less how I want dating portrayed to every other young girl in the world. What Vogue told us today is that having a baby outside of marriage, doing nothing for a living except looking pretty with lots of surgery, treating others badly, and having a lot of money to flaunt around while treating others like garbage is simply going to rewarded in the end with an absolutely beautiful cover and layout of a princess looking bride comparable to that of the new Princess of England.

By the way, the dress and photo shoot may be comparable, but never will those two rise to the class and dignity of the Princess of England.