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What if Google were a man (my version)

Google is a man that we women meet and some of us date on a daily and even lifetime basis. Now I haven’t seen the video yet but I will post it in a minute but I am thinking it should go something like this. If Google were a man he would be very, very wealthy. Not a bad start I guess. At least he’s not 40 and living at home with his mom and his super man sheets. However, his wealth would not define him as much as his success and he knows it. Both make him very egotistical. He earned it and no one; especially a woman is going to take it away from him. He would offer you a monthly allowance if you followed his rules, otherwise you would be banned for life. Don’t even try to use a different ID or alias. This man always knows where you are. It is kind of creepy if you think about it. Sort of psychopathic; Everywhere you go, everywhere you have been he knows, and if you think too hard about it, he will probably figure out where you are going in he future. He knows all of your activities, all of your friends, all of their friends and their friends. He knows each and every address and can point out their houses on his own map. He knows where their children go to school, and again, what they are doing, al of the time. He pretty much knows where everyone’s car is parked and at the click of a button can find anyone he wants. He is a control freak. He is cheap does not care about anything but money. When he gets older he will be big and rich and fat and be in control of half the world. Probably relative to what Mark Zuckerman will be. Ladies, if this is whom you are dating, if you see any of these qualities in your man, you may be dating Google. Take all of his money and run! Fast! Just kidding. He can find you and he will bring a virus that kills you. My advice, just walk away at a fast pace knowing that for the rest of your life he will probably always know where you are…. so stay on your best behavior.