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What if Bernero and Snyder switched parties?

     With the election just weeks away, it is amazing how predictable and stubborn most voters are. We have little knowledge of the personal backgrounds of either candidate. We know one guy is a self-proclaimed nerd with lots of money and the other guy is proud to be a lifetime politician. Other than that, they will not share any more than that.
     This brings me to the conclusion that if Snyder and Bernero switched parties, which isn’t out of the realm of reality based on their stated beliefs, would it really matter to the voting public? It is a sad reflection of the voting base which will vote for the “R” or the “D” no matter what cost. No other candidates get the coverage of the two major parties because the media doesn’t want to admit it, but it is as much involved in keeping the political system messed up with Republicans and Democrats because it gives the media 24/7 fodder.
     I know as an Independent, I had exactly one small article in the Saginaw News. But since I didn’t buy enough voters to get on the ballot, I am now not even considered worthy of discussion. However, I will put my history as a former elected official and my ability to be concerned for all businesses, not just large corporations and venture capital companies like Snyder wants to favor (to get his millions of dollars back), against any other candidate out there.
     Learn about the other candidates before you cast your vote. Ask about their personal backgrounds and why they are really running for office. I am running to make Michigan successful so I can go back to my small business and see the construction industry revived. I am not running to get a lifetime pension and benefit package like others are. I am the only candidate who believes sacrifice starts at the governor’s office, which is why I am eliminating my benefits and reducing my salary. I am also slashing my budget nearly 70%.
     What does your favorite partisan candidate say to that? Nothing, that is what I thought.
Tom Neuenfeldt is a write-in candidate for governor of Michigan. You can find his entire life story and a truly detailed plan for Michigan, including his $30 billion budget (not $45 billion like others are proposing) at


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