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What If Androids Behaved and Felt Exactly Like Human-Beings

We can hardly picture a world without technology and all sorts of gadgets that make our lives easier, faster, and simply more pleasant. A field which has grown in popularity over the past years is that of robotics. Specialists have done a considerable amount of research related to artificial life, trying to build androids which are as similar to human-beings as possible. But what if this actually became the norm among robots? What if they really acted like a real person and what If they had feelings just like any human-being?

Vito Veii’s novel “I, Human” is based on this premise. The first installment in the series depicts the journey of an android and his friends as narrated by captain Magnusson. Their adventures continue in “I, Human (Book II)” as Vlen, Captain Magnusson, The Padre, and other well-built and entertaining characters explore the universe.

“I, Human (Book II)” is a thought-provoking piece of fiction which raises questions on important issues regarding the future of mankind and that of technological progress. This second installment in the series is bound to appeal to all fans of the science-fiction genre, and those who have read and enjoyed “I, Human” will surely like the second book as well.

Vito Veii’s take on artificial life is proof of a visionary perspective on the destiny of humankind. Both “I, Human” and “I, Human (Book II)” are original novels which go a step further than other works of the genre. Those who want to know how the adventures of captain Magnusson and his crew continue should get their copy of “I, Human (Book II)” and start reading.

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