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What I learned this year

Our Voices Amplified can make a difference
Our Voices Amplified can make a difference

This year many things have happened and I learned a lot from each thing.

  1. I straightened my crown and stood tall as I know I survived 100% .
  2. I have learned from each of my scars and the love from myself as well as most my friends and family has filled in the cracks.
  3. I learned each time I think I am not strong enough I find more strength and come back stronger.
  4. I learned that family is who I choose not what blood I have.
  5. I learned sometimes Facebook is very close to high school and many people never grow up.
  6. I learned some of the best people I know are here and Facebook allows me to be part of their lives despite miles between us.
  7. I learned that the block button is amazingly refreshing.
  8. I learned people are not what they seem and sometimes fond memories are magic..because they were only smoke and mirrors.
  9. I learned people can change and that often no one sees it.
  10. I learned that I put people from my past on a pedestal they never earned to create more good memories of my childhood.
  11. I learned that writing is freeing for me even though it is revealing.
  12. I learned I don't care what people think because the ones that matter see the real me.
  13. I learned that I can share my faith and be true to it while respecting someones choice not to believe.
  14. I learned I can remove the bricks that surround my heart like a castle wall and begin to trust again.
  15. I learned I can't always overlook the red flags because they are stop sign telling me what my gut knows and my heart needs to hear.
  16. I learned my words make a difference even if only person reads what I write~it matters
  17. I learned that I do mountains but just a pebble at a time.
  18. I learned to love again and that it is a choice.
  19. I learned that sometimes things don't happen as we wish even with prayer.
  20. I learned nothing is easy.
  21. I learned that peoples greed and corruption damages our children.
  22. I learned being silent doesn't change anything.
  23. I learned my voice can change things but not as fast as I wish
  24. I learned I miss home and that where my heart is, is where I belong.
  25. I learned to face my demons and walk away stronger.
  26. I learned God will hold my hand and sometimes let me fall cause i need to know I can catch myself but he is still there beside me.
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