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What I learned about Jesus through "The Crude Awakening!"

I have never really thought about how critical the commodity known as “oil” is in shaping End-Time alliances in the Middle East, until I began this Bible Study in Lesson #3 of Pastor David Jeremiah’s “What In The World Is Going On?” Series. Consider this…“The majority of the earth’s known petroleum reserves are controlled by a group of nations who oppose Israel, some of whom oppose the United States (i.e., Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates)” (Jeremiah, 2008)! And yet, the Bible predicted that certain coalitions would partner strategically in the future around this precious staple of society.

It all started in 1973 when these Arab nations united against Israel, during the Yom Kippur War, and reduced their supply of oil to nations that favored Israel, which, at the time, was largely the United States and the Netherlands (Jeremiah, 2008). Consequently, the price of oil soared, causing the famous Oil Embargo of the early 70’s and massive lines “at the pump” in America. In fact, I remember, as a child, waiting in those long lines with my parents for a fill-up and even seeing signs posted at some gas stations that read, “Sorry, no gasoline.” Petroleum was now the official “weapon of choice” for the Arab nations retaliating against Israel and her allies. Thus, prophetic and petroleum alliances were forged and the conflict in the Middle East would continue to affect the whole world, economically and otherwise, even to this day. Take a look at this 1973 NBC broadcast of the Oil Crisis reported by a very young looking John Chancellor (!

In light of this stranglehold that the Arab nations have on the majority of the world’s oil supply, I found a very noteworthy comment that a Christian and founder of Zion Oil & Gas made regarding what the Bible says about oil in Israel. John Brown asserts that “Deuteronomy 33:24 and Genesis 49:22 – 26 indicate that oil is to be found in the area where the territories of the tribes of Asher and Manasseh met…[and] if oil is discovered in Israel, it would change the entire geopolitical landscape in the Middle East since Israel (and her allies) would no longer be dependent on Arab oil” (Jeremiah, 2008). Can you imagine the implications of that discovery?

Nevertheless, God is still on His Throne, and as I mentioned in my previous articles on the subject of God’s fondness for Israel, it will take much more than a “modern-day Oil Embargo” to thwart His plans in the Middle East, let alone His plans for you and me. The real question here is: How should we live our lives, in light of all this tension regarding oil and the Arab nations? By simply putting all our faith and trust in the One Who holds the future…Jesus Christ! Have you done that yet? I pray you do sooner than later. Until then, stay tuned for the next lesson on our journey together with Pastor Jeremiah in the “What in the World is Going On? Bible Study Series…Modern Europe – Ancient Rome…See you then!

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