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What I learned about Jesus through Bible Study---"Islamic Terrorism Part One!"

In this first of two parts of Pastor David Jeremiah’s (Lesson Four), “What In The World Is Going On?” Series, the fastest-growing religion in the world takes center stage. The Muslim religion, called “Islam,” which means “submission” in Arabic, has only truly been recognized by Westerners as a dominant power and presence in the world for the past few decades. In fact, according to a Pew Research Center poll, conducted in 2007, “just 58% of Americans know ‘not very much’ or ‘nothing at all’ about Islam and regarding their perceptions of Islam, only 15% responded positively” (Jeremiah, 2008). So, what should we know about this ancient belief system and why should it matter today, in these end times? For a more detailed look at Islam, from a Christian perspective, on the history and habits (including the 5 Pillars) of the religion, please view this excellent 45-minute YouTube video:

Indeed, until less than a couple of decades ago, most Westerners knew very little about what radical Muslims (a minority composed of extremists that engage in all manner of violence) refer to as “jihad,” often called the sixth pillar and translated, “struggle” in Arabic. Dr. Jeremiah (2008) relates jihad, spiritually, as the internal struggle of an individual Muslim submitting to Allah (the Muslim god); whereas, outwardly defending Islam and its culture. In fact, a radical Muslim’s jihad includes and is largely defined by martyrdom, which is considered a privilege and great honor. Since May 14, 1948, Israel has been in the crosshairs of jihad as well as America, Israel’s ally, by radical Muslims “willing to die as martyrs to defeat their perceived enemies” (see my previously related article on ‘The Israel Connection’) (Jeremiah, 2008). Moreover, Dr. Jeremiah (2008) elaborates on the ramifications of jihad when describing the twelfth Imam, “a figure in Shiite Muslim teaching who parallels the Jewish Messiah (Jesus Christ) in terms of significance.” Shiites believe that the only way the twelfth Imam will return to Earth is during a period of global chaos; therefore, generating universal turmoil is certain to expedite his return. However, what radical Muslims refuse to grasp is that one day, sooner than later, the One & Only, True & Living Messiah, Jesus Christ, will return with His saints in righteousness; judging and making war against Israel’s enemies and redeeming her from jihad (Revelation 19:11 – 21, NKJV)!

So, the real question is, “which messiah will you put your faith and trust in?” My prayer, as always, is that you turn to Messiah Jesus, while there’s still time to do so, and know that you will have eternal life in Him (1 John 5:11 – 13, NKJV). Until then, stay tuned for Islamic Terrorism Part Two on our journey together with Pastor David Jeremiah in the “What in the World is Going On? Bible Study Series…See you then!

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