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What Hillary Clinton’s enemies list and Bridgegate suggest about 2016

Hillary and Bill at the swearing in of de Blasio in New York.
Hillary and Bill at the swearing in of de Blasio in New York.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Governor Christ Christie (R – New Jersey) has been criticized for the last week or so on this now national scandal dubbed Bridge Gate, where his staffers apparently orchestrated the closure of important traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey to exact revenge on a not-so-friendly Mayor who refused to endorse Christie in his campaign for re-election.

As this scandal continues to unfold, a few recent shots have been taken at Hillary Clinton, the commonly agreed upon front runner for the Democrats in 2016, as well. The first came in a book by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates where he alleges Mrs. Clinton admitted, in front of him while speaking to Barrack Obama, that she had opposed the war in Iraq for purely political reasons while she was running against him in the Iowa Democratic primary in 2008.

While not surprising to anyone with a pulse, it’s still slightly disheartening to see it front and center and penned by someone hailed as one of the greatest statesman of our time. While this accusation by Gates is hardly earth-shattering, it is yet another example of politics taking the place of common sense and honesty; a clear example of the finger pointing and dishonesty that are regular patrons at the political table.

In the wake of these two stories that perfectly highlight politicians and their staffers who will do, say, or buy anyone or anything necessary to win, yet another shame-inducing story illuminating the uglier side of American politics is emerging: Hillary Clinton apparently had or has an enemies list of people she hopes to pay back at some point. Among the prominent Democrats on the list, Mr. John Kerry sits at the top for his endorsement of Barrack Obama in the 2008 election.

Allegedly, Mrs. Clinton or her staffers (see a trend here?) had decorated their Virginia office with photos and an apparent ranking system that gave perpetrators a number from one to seven based on their alleged level of treason against the Clintons. Their campaign headquarters, which looked like a classroom in a forensic science college, was ground zero for this list which is now apparently on a flash drive in excel format; a slightly less conspicuous way to conceal your list of traitors.

This story, which will never take off, will give us lucky spectators a glimpse into the future while simultaneously reminding us of our sordid past. The first lesson we learned in 2012 is that the Democrats will find something prominent about their opponent and spin it in a way to demonize him and paint him as a monster. With Christie, they have already started by claiming that he’s a vindictive, mob-boss-like bully who will hurt you any way he can if you get in his way.

This line of attacks is very similar to the vulture capitalism comments made about Romney while putting a man on TV talking about how his wife died because he didn’t have health insurance only to find out that the two things had nothing to do with each other. The media ads of Christie literally pummeling a woman with strong allusions to domestic violence and sexism are already dancing merrily in Republicans minds. If you oppose Obama, you are a racist. If you oppose Hillary, you will be a sexist. It’s tough to win these days as a Republican amid their current popular perception that they are anti-anyone-who-isn’t-a-white-middle-class-male.

The second thing we can clearly take from these two seemingly similar stories (Christie’s staffers seeking revenge for a non-endorsement and Hillary, or her staff, keeping traitor lists of people who endorsed her opponent) is that the media will not cover the election fairly. Assuming the showdown happens between the RINO and the Mrs. Clinton, Christie will be labeled a misogynistic woman-hater while Hillary will be portrayed as the victim of a mean and menacing man.

What remains to be seen is whether or not people will be receptive to it and bite hook, line, and sinker again or whether this tired demonization of people will be shown for what it is regardless of which side of the aisle it comes from: petty, dishonest, hypocritical, and ultimately very harmful to the country we all love.

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