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What HGTV, Eric Walsh, Brandon Eich can teach about workplace tolerance

HGTV cancelled an upcoming show with twins David and Jason Benham because of past comments regarding a homosexual agenda and activities like David Benham leading a prayer rally outside the Democratic National Convention.

David Benham says he and his brother have never discriminated against gays. HGTV could have been creative in showing episodes of them working with gays.
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The site posted the background information and comments on social media led to HGTV's decision to cancel the show Flip it Forward.

It may be too late if HGTV doesn't change its mind, but here's my suggestion on how HGTV can teach us about workplace tolerance and diverse ideas. After all, we live in a pluralistic society.

What if HGTV has responded by having the successful real estate twins fix up a house with the help of a designer and/or subcontractors who are gay? We'd find out attitudes on both sides. Would they rally around the project and fix the house or would their relationships be frayed in the process?

My guess is they would be able to fix the house and show that good people with opposing viewpoints on today's social issues can cooperate and work together to reach a goal.

This is far more constructive than running scared because of the opinions of a few. It could set an example to show that holding diverse views and cooperating is possible.

Instead, we have developments like 4 city council members in Pasadena who voted against Chik-fil-A opening a store presumably due to CEO Dan Cathy's beliefs that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Chik-fil-A will be opening near Pasadena City College later in 2014.

Why does Chik-fil-A come under fire time and again? Because it's such an awful business? No, because there are those who can't tolerate the CEO's private beliefs even though he has a workplace environment that supports people regardless of their views.

This raises the issue of Dr. Eric Walsh who in a 2006 sermon railed against homosexuality, Harry Potter, and the Pope. This was before he was hired as the director of Pasadena's public health department.

During his tenure to date he opened a clinic to serve HIV patients and California's first city run dental clinic. I wrote an article saying that Pasadena should retain him. The link is below.

Is he a hypocrite? Or does he know the value of cooperating with others of differing backgrounds in order to achieve a positive result for the city?

And then Brandon Eich who co-founded Mozilla contributed $1,000 in 2008 to the Proposition 8 campaign to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

He got kicked out of a short-lived CEO tenure in a company he co-founded despite being tolerant of others in the workplace who had different views.

Tolerance is being able to recognize our differences and work together not intimidating one side and forcing them to be quiet.

Perhaps the Benham brothers, Eric Walsh, Brandon Eich, and Dan Cathy can teach us more about workplace tolerance than their critics who can't handle differing points of view.

Click here for the post on about the Benham brothers.

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