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What have we done?

They warned us
They warned us

We the people,” has been replaced with, “Me the people.” A once super power is now evolving into a nation ruled by super sizing.

As individual citizens we Americans’ are the fattest per capita on earth. We have fallen for the sucker marketing of fast food and super sizing. Far too many use the excuse that they can’t afford better but still manage to finance their vices. Our corporations have manipulated the system via lobbying to use a series of mergers to obtain dominant market share by approaching monopoly status which has always been illegal. But the S.E.C. is just another bought government agency that looks the other way as they answer to their masters the very corporations we pay them to protect us from. Let’s not forget that our employees at the S.E.C. were surfing porn sites and taking bribes while those that wish to destroy us engineered the banking/mortgage crises that gave us our most recent major recession. One of our founders John Jay wrote prophetically, “It was remarked in the preceding paper, that weakness and divisions at home would invite dangers from abroad; and that nothing would tend more to secure us from them than union, strength, and good government within ourselves. This subject is copious and cannot easily be exhausted.”

We have allowed ourselves to be weakened as individuals, as cities, as states and as a country. Our founders studied as we all should every previous government and using what worked and eliminating that which didn’t to craft the founding document that are supposed to govern us. The issues we have today were foreseen by our founders because the same symptoms ended every other world power before us and is now steering us to our end. We have moved away from the Godly principles of being social assets through personal responsibility with an excess of productivity to export to others. We have become a nation of me, me, me when were created as we, we, we. Our nation has evolved from an overwhelming majority of social assets to now somewhere around half being social liabilities’.

“Land of the free and home of the brave,” has become, “land of the socialist, home of the wimp.” What have we done? Yes, we, you and I own this society that we have allowed others to manipulate and deceive us for their lust of power and wealth. We have via apathy created super corporations that aim to monopolize via destroying small businesses run by Americans with the American dream spirit of pursuing happiness with hard work and personal responsibility. We can buy the good and services of those on Wall Street that wish to monopolize and own the market by exporting jobs to foreign countries or support local small business that employ our neighbors. We control the market not corporate Amerika.

Our house is in disarray and we, (You and I), must do our individual parts by being aware of how things actually work, not what is being fed to us through our schools, media and Hollywood. We must not fall victim to super sizing and become lean mean fighting machines so we can fight and resist the forces that hinder us and prevail as social assets that lift up those around us, just as our founders intended with principles set by our natural God of the universe who just happens to be the same God that the numerous religions profess to have exclusive knowledge of. Religion amongst several other group separating organizations are what founders like Alexander Hamilton feared, “Divide et impera (and command) must be the motto of every nation that either hates or fears us.”

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