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What has happened to compassion in DC?

Where is the love?

In the Washington DC area churches are the hub of our spiritual lives and are numerous. We have just about every denomination and religious order you can imagine. In our spiritual worlds one always talks about the church and what the work of the churches are? The very core of the church has always been service ,love and compassion. Our churches in DC do a lot for individuals that reside here they are the well-spring from which many of us drink from in order to get through the many trying days and hours that overwhelm us as people.The pastors rejuvenate us and gives us directions and ordinances from which we map out our lives and the lives of our families. On a day last week in Ferguson a mother buried her son in such a church but with a little less enthusiasm than normal she asked where is the compassion for human beings? People tend to separate who we are from church nowadays and take the church out of our everyday lives when we choose to. Most churches and doctrines is not formulated to be that way,if you proclaim you are a Christian than you are just that as well as if your a Mormon you are that religion too,its not something that you turn in when you no longer proclaim to be that religion.. The thing that befuddles me and many is that I hear all to well those that say they are spiritual people and believe that you turn a cheek for another. These same folks can stand in the next breathe and agree with those that have executions in the street without any remorse. We have all kinds of excuses and laws that say we are right but morally are we? Compassion is such a touchy word when one thinks of it in these days and times,how can you say that you believe in it but also believe that policemen and women have a right to shoot someone that's unarmed in the street to death. That's quite a bit too chew my friend. These kinds of incidents are happening all to much in the last week or more there have been two killings in Missouri, St. Louis Mo,and in Ferguson Mo. Michael Brown was the youth that was shot and killed there and residents have devastated that city with riots and other forms of vandalism ,then we have Kajene Powell shot and killed while supposedly brandishing a knife overhead and threatening the police who arrived at the scene.The facts are still cloudy because along with them shooting him at least 10 times one would have to say along with the photos that were shown clearly the man was dead when they (the police) handcuffed him on the cement. Where is the compassion? When do city officials ask is enough enough? When is it time out for our police to retrain and take measures in their training towards disarming individuals with tasers and alternative weapons instead of shooting to kill only! When the people that fill out these applications for jobs that entail them being in this line of duty policemen,troopers,sheriffs and others all know that they're lives are on the front lines,they already know this but can you not keep in mind that you also have an awesome amount of accountability not to kill for a whim or for prejudice reasons but for the right ones.The reasons that most folks will call a higher calling. Most residents of a city,town ,village want to think that these officials have their best interest in mind when they undertake a job like this but in these few weeks I along with many others have had to look at our beliefs and wonder and evaluate all over on what and where has the compassion gone? I can remember the separation of Church and State whereas those two entities were not supposed to have a connection of any sort but has it again reared its ugly head and reclaimed a part of history as its platform? Churches are again a foundation that is for the people by the people and run by the people how many of us attend on Sundays pray,tithe then go off to work at our reputable places and cheer for those that uphold the law and hold executions in our own back yards and streets? Can we all say Amen??

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