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What has changed in our healthy life styles in the last 30 years

Thirty some years ago the children in our school systems throughout America were almost all relatively healthy and at their right weight. Slim and trim, energetic and relatively happy.

There were maybe one or two overweight children in an elementary or high school, and even fewer cases of children with cancer, you hardly ever heard of a child committing suicide or killing other children.

So what has changed in the last thirty years? Man trying to make perfection better? Something that can not be done by processing all our natural foods and making them addicting by adding sugars, corn syrups and preservatives to foods that are already naturally sweet.

People are gaining weight and getting more and more unhealthy daily. Most everyone drives to work parks as close as they can to their office building, grabs a pre-packaged meal then takes the elevator to their desk and sits six or more hours per day, ordering out for lunch, then elevator down to car and drive through window for another terrible mistake in their choices of unhealthy food.

We have all done it, grabbing a drive-thru meal or pre-packaged meal all in the name of convenience. Then heading home to flop on the couch and watch a little TV then off to bed with a bag of chips or cookies.

A better scenario than the above mentioned would be to fix your own breakfast in the morning of fresh fruit a banana, blueberries or eggs, pack a snack of fresh fruit or veggies as a mid-day snack, either walk or bike to work if possible and if not park a little farther out and walk the length of the parking lot, take the stairs instead of elevator. Instead of sitting for so many hours, stand up every hour walk around your desk, do a few stretches then resume working. Bring your lunch or eat a healthy choice meal (not per-packaged) at work, after lunch take a walk around your office building.

Then back at home after working all day make yourself and family a healthy meal with fresh vegetables raw or steamed and lean meat, fish or poultry if you wish. Instead of flopping on the couch after your evening meal take a short walk around the block then back home and enjoy the TV or read a good book before bed.

Within three months of not eating any processed foods, a new daily habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables along with the walking exercise you have been doing daily you will absolutely look and feel better and be healthier than you've been in years.

So take it one fruity or veggie bite at a time and put one foot in front of the other to be on your way to an overall better healthier, happier, longer life.

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