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What happens when you bring your germs to a karaoke show

Don't sing while sick
Don't sing while sick

You love to sing and there's a karaoke show tonight at your favorite restaurant. You already know what you want to have for dinner and you know that several friends intend to be there tonight. There are 2 new songs that you want to sing, you've worked hard to learn them and tonight is the night to show what you can do with them.

Unfortunately you aren't feeling your best. Your throat is a bit dry today, maybe you've been practicing too much the past few nights. As the day progresses you notice that your energy level is low but you blame that on the overtime you worked last week.

On your way home after work your nose gets stuffy and your eyes feel dry but you're sure it's the air conditioning in your car causing this discomfort. When you get home you start sneezing and you can't seem to clear your throat when you start rehearsing your new songs for tonight's karaoke show.

You jump in the shower, get dressed for the show and head out to the show still not feeling your best, but hoping that a good meal and a cold drink will clear up your minor ailments. You arrive to find the KJ has just finished setting up equipment and you sign up to sing. You feel lucky because there are only a few singers who arrived ahead of you, and you know you'll get to sing early and often.

Your turn is coming up after one more singer but now your nose is running so you rush to the rest room to grab some tissues and blow your nose. Your name is announced as you leave the rest room and you eagerly walk over to the stage and grab a microphone. The song starts and you have an uncontrollable tickle in your throat and begin to sneeze. Okay no problem, the KJ restarts the song for you because you missed the intro.

You start to sing but your throat is not clear and you struggle to stay in tune. You keep singing but your voice cracks when you try to hit the high notes and you can't help but sneeze halfway through the song. It's a total disaster, a nightmare and your confidence crumbles with each passing moment.

You sneeze again and your hair starts falling out. All of a sudden you notice your hands are covered with huge red bumps and you see concern in the eyes of the audience. The KJ is looking at you with fear in his eyes and you feel a terrible urge to start chewing on his hand as you give him the microphone. The crowd is screaming as you bite his finger and turn to them while chewing it obscenely.

Everyone is running out of the building including your friends and you don't know exactly what is happening but you're sure something is wrong. You run into the rest room as you hear police sirens in the distance. You look in the mirror and you see someone else. It's not you, it can't be because it's a zombie monster starring back at you with blood dripping from its nose, eyes and mouth.

The police arrive and take you away and life will never be the same again.

Okay, so you didn't turn into a zombie and all that stuff about losing your hair and the blood isn't true either but you did spread your germs to other singers and you didn't sing very well so next time stay home when you're sick.

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