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What happens when you are sick

Have you ever tired, to the point where you do not want to get out of bed? Possibly, you felt dizzy. If you have diabetes that could be one of the symptoms. Diabetes is not a disease to be played with. You might have Type I or Type II either one is not good. The only difference is Type II can be controlled by you. Type I is usually something diagnosed early on, because it is a medical condition that is in you. However Type II is caused by poor eating habits, not enough exercise, and not taking care of one self.

If you have Type II, please check in with your doctor what foods you can eat or not eat. It is vitally important. When you have a chance to make a change for the better, do it. Here are somethings that will help. Stay away from junk food, replace it with healthy snacks such as raw peanuts, cashews, almonds, or whatever your favorite nut is. Also incorporate seeds pumpkin is excellent. Make a trail mix throw some raisins in, with nuts of your choice, even add coconut pieces. Another healthy snack is rolled oats, dried fruit, seeds of choice, mix them to together, then mix 1 cup milk, tablespoon of vanilla, and 1 egg, mix that up. Then mix them together. Put all the ingredients in the oven on 350 for about 1/2 hour.

To learn more about healthy choice recipes go to www.diabeticsurvivalskills. or


Cheryl A Nocera