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What happens when hard-earned money gets put into the wrong hands? Showgirls 2 trailer



Showgirls (1995) was somewhat of a comeback for Saved by the Bell actress, Elizabeth Berkeley. Most agreed that it was delightfully corny with a slight twinge of sleaziness.

The new Showgirls 2 trailer starring Rena Riffel takes sleazy to an entirely new level. Apparently the flick is directed by Marc Vorlander who reportedly raised 25 million dollars to fund the film production. (Film)

The plot consists of a stripper who dies of a cocaine overdose. Her brother seeks revenge in Showgirls 2.

The trailer begins showing a naked Riffel slithering out of a tub moving provocatively and acrobaticly (is that a word? LOL!) to the background music that is somehow in tune with her movements.

Movieline posts the best shots from the new flick..what the?

You can watch the trailer for Showgirls 2 here!

What do you think? Please tell!


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