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What happens when a mother never says ‘I love you’?

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Andree Suddoo

In the United States, May 11th is mother’s day. This year 2014, the weather is wonderful and Mom will be happy almost anywhere: Enjoying each other’s company and exchanging warm words is often beneficial to both; with long term effects and wonderful memories.

When a mother never says: I love you.

Unfortunately, many adults don’t remember or feel awkward to say ‘I love you’. This encouragement and feeling of being loved and much needed when absent is often destructive to the psyche of the child. Some wish certainly that they had a loving mom instead of a heartless human being as parent.

  • ‘My mother never said: I love you or encouraged me’. Now that she is absent and after all these years I am still missing ‘I love you’ and you’re doing great’.

Obviously, in difficult times like during a war or when there are social problems or divorce, the common situations of parent and child feeding upon each other with love and genuine affection may be lacking or just missing. Although it is difficult to know how to give love when as a child you did not receive it in the first place,

Material gifts or possessions do not replace the 3 words ‘I love you’. A child needs attention, care and encouragement for a good psychological development.

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