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What happens when a man in a Mentos suit drops into a vat of Diet Coke?

It's no secret that dropping a Mentos candy into a two liter bottle of diet coke will cause a pretty impressive explosion. So what will happen if a man wearing a Mentos suit is dropped into a vat full of Diet Coke? According to a very popular vine video trending on YouTube on Thursday, it will cause an even bigger explosion.

The Mentos experiment is pretty popular and most people know that putting the popular candy into a bottle of diet coke will cause the carbon dioxide in the soda to release and cause quite an explosion. The chemical reaction was featured in the animated cartoon "Wreck It Ralph." Remember the Diet Cola Mountain near where Vanellope Von Sweetz lived? Disney's use of the diet coke geyser in that movie excited science geeks all over.

So when a man wearing a whole suit made of Mentos was dropped into a dunk tank full of diet coke, it's no surprise that the clip went viral. An exploding two liter bottle of diet coke can be dangerous. Did the man performing the dunk tank experiment worry about safety? That part is unknown but when the Mentos and diet coke collide, it creates quite a splash. Diet Coke splashes several feet in the air well after the man's initial dunk tank splash calms down.

For those who might want to do their own Mentos and Diet Coke experiment, there are plenty of tutorials and instructions on how to perform the experiment safely. Just be sure to be as safe as possible and point the bottle away from any people while causing the chemical reaction geyser. This experiment is so popular that Wikipedia has even described why the mixture of candy and cola causes such a chemical reaction.

Have you ever experimented with Mentos and Diet Coke? What do you think of this massive Diet Coke geyser created in the newest viral video? Be sure to check out the viral video and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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