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What happens when a beloved rescue dog passes away

Annie, 1996-2013
Kyra Kirkwood

Usually, this space is reserved for the happenings of others in the Southern California dog world. But today, the only story I can see is one in my own backyard.

When we rescued Annie, a gorgeous German shepherd/Husky mix, in 1997, we had no idea how much her presence would change and affect our lives. When she died in 2013, we could see all of the gifts she gave us, even up until that final minute of her life.

Many view rescued dogs as the lucky ones, but in reality, the lucky ones are those of us whose lives have been touched by those canines.

Read on at The Write Mom to see the impact of a single rescue dog, and how people, who say "it's only a dog" have absolutely no clue as to the depths of love between an owner and her pup.


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