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What happens if 'even 1 of 5' nuclear reactors in Pennsylvania loses coolant?

Limerick nuclear reactors
Limerick nuclear reactors

Pennsylvania is currently undergoing a myriad of intense earth-change disasters, not the least of which are sinkholes and collapsing buildings. Should people living in Pennsylvania be concerned about how disasters like these will affect the five nuclear reactors in their state?

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Well, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is concerned. NRC has ordered three of the five nuclear reactors in Pennsylvania to conduct in-depth reassessments of their ability to withstand larger earthquakes. The five nuclear reactors are:

  1. Beaver Valley, on Ohio River, 34 miles from Pittsburgh
  2. Peach Bottom, on Susquehanna River 50 miles from Harrisburg and just three miles from Maryland border
  3. Limerick, on Schuylkill River, 21 miles from Philadelphia
  4. Susquehanna, on Susquehanna River, 70 miles from Harrisburg
  5. Three Mile Island, on Susquehanna River, 10 miles from Harrisburg and only 116 miles from Washington DC

Three Mile Island (Unit 2) was the site of a partial nuclear meltdown in 1979. ​All but one of these five nuclear reactors are on either the Schuylkill or Susquehanna Rivers.

Question 1: What calamity recently befell the Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rivers?
Answer: In May, heavy rains inundated the region causing the Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rivers to flash flood and overflow their banks.
Question 2: Where are four of Pennsylvania's five nuclear reactors located?
Answer: On the banks of the Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rivers
Question: What happens when a nuclear reactor loses coolant?
Answer: Meltdown!
Question 3: Could another nuclear "event" like Three Mile Island happen again in Pennsylvania?
Answer: You bet!

Pennsylvania is, and has been, experiencing a long list of earth-movement disasters: Railroad tracks break and trains derail, water mains break and gas mains explode, as do buildings and underground transformers, sinkholes open, buildings collapse (more than eight in a two week period), “mysterious” loud booms are heard, and unusual gas-like odors fill the air.

Why are these disasters happening so frequently in Pennsylvania? Because Pennsylvania sits on an area of the North American continent that is currently being stretched diagonally (southwest to northeast) due to pressure put on it by Planet X (Nibiru). According to the Zetas of ZetaTalk, as the North American continent is stretched diagonally, Pennsylvania is being forced not to stretch but to bend. As rock strata under Pennsylvania bends and snaps, the state experiences Planet X (Nibiru) created, earth wobble disasters.

Exelon Nuclear, operator of the largest “fleet" of nuclear plants in the US, operates the five plants in Pennsylvania. According to Exelon, "their nuclear power plants are designed to withstand extreme environmental hazards, including floods, earthquakes and tsunamis." Good luck with that Exelon!

Most of these aging nuclear monstrosities were constructed in the 1960s and 70s, long before earth-wobble disasters became every day occurrences. Can they withstand the "extreme environmental hazards" we experience today, including erratic tectonic plate movement and extreme flash flooding?

You be the judge of that, especially if you live in Pennsylvania.

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