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What happens before the beginning?

We are the manifest expression of all that has come before and all that will come after. We exist in a state of flux constantly changing to assume the mold of our projected environment. Because of this we are uncertain as to the nature of our being. Are we the shapers of being or simply its recipients? The answer must lie somewhere in between. If we examine thought which is what we are most intimately connected to we find that thought never stays in the same place except when it appears that we are seemingly stuck in a rut and yet even then thought must move on must change and must transform itself.

Before the beginning

There is a unique and ultimately definable principle that is taking place here. It is the fundamental principle of life and of the action of what is called spirit within life. This principle of being is called by two operations; one is "the way things work," and two is "the expression of what comes to be." Everything that takes place therefore takes place via the interrelationships that take place between these two operations of the fundamental principle and the action of what is called spirit within life.

A question arises about which came first the chicken or the egg and is paralleled by what comes before creation. How do we get something out of nothing. In the beginning Elohim created...but what about before the beginning.? These questions assume that time is a static principle that it somehow conforms to our own limited conception of time. Even in an Einsteinean universe the conception of time must be altered in terms of the effects it has on the space we are passing through. In order to understand the chicken or the egg question you have to first let go of your conception of time as a linear function.

Time is universal and relates directly to light. This is why 'let there be light' is such an important concept to understand. Thought without its own self awareness is darkness and chaos, tohu va bohu. This self awareness is what makes every work and sets in motion the entire process of both operations of the fundamental principle mentioned above. When you reach the point of conception where everything just is existing simultaneously without regard to what comes first then you can realize the unification that is inherent in all things. The answer ironically comes very close to our Einsteinean world in that it all depends on the vantage point of the observer in terms of what comes first. More than that too we can awaken to the process that builds into its structure the concept of a 'moving vantage point.' In this way we can reveal the limitless light throughout every thought that we experience every action that we take. B"H.

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