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What happens after happily ever after?

Life is not a fairy tale, believe it or not. Growing up, girls here the typical tales - girl gets in trouble, girl meets boy who rescues said girl, they live happily ever after. The story ends there. Happily ever after. But the thing is, that is not how it works in the real world. Just because you finally meet "The One" doesn't mean the story ends there. There will still be challenges to face in life. The difference is, you have someone to face them with. But we don't know what to do after "happily ever after". We don't even think about what comes next. The goal is to meet someone, fall in love, and get married. But what comes next?

It's easier to enjoy the ride when you're on this journey with the right person
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What happens after ever after???

Career - When you're just dating, your primary focus tends to be on your career. As humans, we live to find our purpose in life and that fulfillment comes through our careers. If you are unhappy in your job, you usually try to get to a stable place where you are happy in your career before settling down and getting married. And even if you do get married before you reach that level, you won't feel content until you do. You're going to be striving for that certain dream job or dream title or dream salary until you reach that goal. Even if you've found "The One", you won't feel truly fulfilled until that piece of the puzzle is finally in place.

Marriage - Yay! You're finally married. You met the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, the one you've been searching for in your multiple attempts to kiss frogs or try on glass slippers. But now what? Now you have to try and maintain your relationship within said marriage and to make matters worse, almost immediately, everyone is pressuring you to have kids and buy a house.

Kids - Once you have the white picket fence and the 2.5 kids and a dog your life is complete right? This is the ever after right? Wrong. Then it becomes time to raise those kids in the best way possible with the best schools and dance and piano and karate lessons that money can buy. They've got to get into the best college so they can get a great job and meet their "The One" and the cycle continues. All of the things you didn't get to, don't worry about it! Just put the pressure of those hopes and aspirations on them!

The thing is, we are always striving and reaching for more. We always want more. Everything must be perfect. And even when you get the "perfect" job, get married to the perfect person, and have your perfect kids you will still have challenges. You will face the day to day obstacles at work and at home and you will have to work and fight to maintain your relationship now as a married couple and parents. The point is, life is not a fairy tale. The storytellers probably just ended it there because everyone loves a happy ending. And you will have a "happy ending", but just remember, even that's not the end. You will always be working and growing towards something. But if you have found the one you are truly meant to be with, you will most definitely enjoy the journey.

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