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What happened when couples who married at first sight went on honeymoon (VIDEO)

The third episode of "Married at First Sight" aired on FYI television on Tuesday night. Three couples met their partners for the first time at the altar when they got married during the second episode. All six people went through with the wedding even though Jamie said she was not initially attracted to Doug. All three couples were seen on their honeymoon on this week's episode.

The New York Post reports that the couples' concern in the third episode was whether to consummate the marriage. Tuesday night’s episode covers each couple’s wedding night and honeymoon. Sleeping together as husband and wife was nerve-wracking for two of the couples who did not consummate the marriage the first night. Throughout the show, the four experts who matched the couples kept explaining what was going on during the honeymoon because some of the couples were having a real hard time adjusting to someone they had just met and married.

Jamie and Doug went sent to St. Thomas where Doug got stung by a jelly fish on his foot. Jamie is a nurse, but she didn't help him. Jamie couldn't stand to let Doug touch her even to hold her hand. She suggested that they not call their being together a honeymoon. She seemed to have been nauseated about the whole thing. She didn't even want to sleep in the same bed with Doug and made him promise to stay on his side of the bed. She didn't want Doug to undress in front of her.

When Doug said they were going out to a romantic dinner, she suggested they not call it romantic. She was really rude toward him. The irony of this whole situation was that the meaner she because toward Doug, the nicer he became toward her. At the end of the honeymoon (or vacation as Jamie wanted it called), Jamie whispered to the camera, "I'm beginning to like him. That's our secret. I'm not letting him know right now."

According to what is posted on Jamie's Twitter page, it seems even though Jamie and Doug didn't get off to a great start, they are the only ones who allegedly are getting along well as husband and wife.

Even though Monet was all nerves at the altar, she warmed up to Vaughn on the wedding night, and they consummated the marriage. She says: “The first night was really interesting. He lit candles, and I think at that point I’d had a few drinks, it’s my husband, I’m horny, I want to have sex. So that was it.” Vaughn says: “Yes, we consummated the marriage. It’s a little awkward there just ’cause we barely even know each other. But we are bride and groom, so I think we’re past that point.”

While the new couple had no problem with sexual chemistry on their wedding night, on their honeymoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico, they are having a hard time connecting emotionally, and they had their first marital spat. They seemed to be getting along well at first. Then one day Vaughan accused Monet of not paying that much attention to him. She was confused because she thought they were hitting it off quite well. At the end of the show, it seems that the two might not make it.

Cortney and Jason appeared to have chemistry from the very beginning. They were the only couple who kissed on the lips at the altar. They laughed together and seemed to have being bonding on their wedding night. They agreed to take it slow and not consummate their marriage on their wedding night. While honeymooning in the Poconos, the newlyweds did bond over couples massages, horseback riding and a romantic bath before finally deciding to consummate their marriage. Jason says: “I’m finding the physical part of the relationship very easy. We’re both attracted to each other, so it’s going to come naturally.” Cortney says: “It was a mutual decision for us to take our physical relationship to the next level. It wasn’t weird. It was good.”

As we watch "Married at First Sight" we establish a relationship with the couples and wish the best for them. Watch "Married at First Sight" on Tuesday nights on FYI network.

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