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What happened to Sarah Goode?

Does the body found near Sarah Goode's car belong to her?
Photo courtesy of Sarah Goode's Facebook page

It has been nearly a week since anyone last saw 21-year-old Sarah Goode, from Medford, NY. She left the house of a friend around 1 am on June 7, but police are not currently able to reveal if she left the house alone, or if she spoke to anyone on her cell phone after that time.

The body of a young female was found Thursday evening, not far from where the car was abandoned, but it has not yet been confirmed that it is Sarah Goode. This was obviously not the turnout the searchers had hoped for, with their party being mainly Sarah's friends and family.

Her car was found, roughly a mile from her home, on June 9. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance have repeatedly been labeled "suspicious," that being added to by the revelation that it appears a struggle took place inside Sarah's gray 1999 BMW 328i. Witnesses also say there appeared to be blood in the car.

What happened to Sarah Goode? At this time, no one knows if this is a situation involving foul play, which seems pretty likely, considering the evidence of struggle and possible blood, or if she made the decision to end her own life. That avenue seems pretty unlikely, considering she had a large, supportive family and a young daughter. However, it wouldn't really be unheard of.

More information will likely be available in the coming days. If you have any information about Sarah Goode's disappearance, please contact the Sixth Squad at (631)-854-8652 or Crime Stoppers, 1-800-220-8477.

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