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What happened to our beloved America? Part 2

U.S. House members leave for summer recess
U.S. House members leave for summer recess
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves."

--Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Carrington, 1787

Wolves are not only at America’s door; they dwell within and rule our nation’s house.

For years, informed Americans knew which way political winds blew and knew they were not in the direction that Jefferson, and our other founders envisioned. Nonetheless, we lowered our heads, turned up our collars against this destructive storm, and walked away; unwilling to brave the chill of progressives’ derision and scorn. Unable to bear the brunt of a militant, Marxist minority, we became inattentive to the public affairs of which Jefferson spoke.

Nearly every problem in this country can reasonably be laid at the out-of-control, jack-booted feet of the United States federal government. The rest can usually be traced to state and local governments trying to emulate their big federal brothers.

Government unearths and undertakes to solve problems where none exist, and finds every excuse to ignore laws or constitutional mandates they consider politically intolerable. Politicians and bureaucrats have no regard for laws of liberty, preferring instead to enact laws of greed and envy. These edicts run deeply through contemporary culture, providing the nexus for our present-day oppression. Over 200 years of endless probing for loopholes and escape clauses in the Constitution and disenfranchising American liberty, gave the government all it needed to perfect its predatory behavior.

Part 2 and 3 of this article looks at events, government actions, or government produced catastrophes over the years that spawned the evils currently overtaking America.


Overtaking our country over the last 60 years is the crumbling disaster called public education.

Poverty to prosperity is an American hallmark. It begins and ends with the success or failure of education. Education failed; poverty prospered. Success means teaching our youth independence of thought, setting high goals, striving for excellence, and wrapping oneself in the American patriotic and entrepreneurial spirit. To embrace these goals, we must present a solid foundation of early learning skills and introduction into Classical Education. It’s the only workable resolution to leading people out of poverty.

Creation of the U.S. Department of Education was the opening salvo by the federal government in the ongoing war against state, local, and parental control of education. An unholy, corrupt alliance between teacher unions and politicians was born from toxic vapors generated by that bureaucracy. Teacher unions used their new-found power and tenure to virtually destroy teaching as a profession by protecting every imaginable deficiency and ineptitude in public education.

Tenure is the point at which; in any job or profession, incompetence and ignorance become not only acceptable, but profitable.

Teaching and acceptance of liberalism led to loss of discipline and chaos as did the courts interference in classrooms demanding schools integrate special-needs children into regular classrooms. As everyone surely knew; taking time away from teaching to manage these challenges cheated all children of a deserved, proper education.

It’s easy to spot the worst-of-the-worst in education. Areas controlled by liberal Democrats and the most aggressive teacher unions stand out as colossal pockets of failure and hopelessness. Not surprisingly, these same neighborhoods, cities, and states, have the strongest federal presence. Working together, they produce government dependency, which breed cultural decay, which generate more government enslavement.

Federal politicians of both parties carry out dozens of pretenses at rescuing this sinking bureaucratic ship by throwing education one heavy anchor after another, incorporating liberal, government-controlled solutions. Predictably, each one promptly sinks, and another generation of young people founder. One shining gold star government receives consistently from the educational establishment is its immense success at using Public schools as billboards to encourage dependency.

The United Nations and our foreign policy:

Passage of the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 by Congress obliged America to never-ending, unlimited future courses of action in foreign policies. This ceding of American sovereignty resulted in the loss of hundreds of billions of American dollars, and tens of thousands of young Americans needlessly slaughtered. Over 36,000 Americans died in the Korean War; a United Nations killing-field they diabolically referred to as a “police action.” At this point, we accepted the role of policemen of the world.

There are 192 member nations in the U.N., and we pay 22% of the UN regular budget and 26% for UN peacekeeping appropriations. Our cost is approaching $10 billion a year and still rising.

Politicians and pen-pushers squander billions of dollars around the world in their vain attempt at buying support and friendship in a world where the very word America brings jeers and sneers. Picking winners and losers in civil and religious wars around the globe embeds a giant bullseye on America as a country, and Americans as a people.

We not only are the largest supporter of the UN, but NATO, the World and European Banks, and dozens of other countries, financial institutions, and alliances around the globe. Our tax money funds the world, and our young men’s blood, spilled so indiscriminately, is dismissed with cavalier, callous attitudes; even by our own politicians. Meanwhile, the world judges how we should conduct our affairs, and how much we owe the world.

Every Congress and American President allowed this corrupt organization to interfere with and dictate our foreign and domestic policies and laws. Currently, Agenda 21 is just one more attack from the UN sweeping our nation and ripping our Constitution to shreds by destroying property rights. They’re attempting to control our guns, dictate how we raise our children, and even monitoring our elections. The United Nations’s one-world-government means usurping U.S. laws and constitutional power, and Redistributing American wealth to countries and dictators around the globe.

The War on Poverty:

This war began in the1960’s and effectively destroyed inner cities and doomed their inhabitants to perpetual dependency. The federal government succeeded in hounding businesses and taxpayers into finding friendlier and more profitable areas in which to live and thrive. Politicians promised nirvana for votes, and inner cities became decaying testaments to the evils and incompetence of liberalism.

It began a never-ending expansion of public assistance costing tens-of-trillions of dollars, and rewarded our country with millions of broken families. We added benefits like drug-infested and crime-laden cities, and powerless, hopeless volunteer slaves living on the liberal, Democratic Party plantation.

People spent decades learning to survive in a government-driven, welfare-state designed to hold them captive & keep them poor & ignorant.

We created an entitlement culture spreading like an uncontrolled plague leading to complete disintegration of entire cultures. Politicians lack fortitude to stand against what is nearing genocide, and actively recruit more victims to join the insanity.

Despite 126 federal programs for the poor, the current poverty rate of 16% tops that of 1965 when the madness began.

Countless poor people have never been required or allowed to mature enough to do even the most rudimentary things for themselves. They are taught everything they need to know for generations of dependency, and absolutely nothing that fills the emotional, psychological, and mental needs of healthy human beings. Government resists all efforts to teach the poor how to survive in a capitalistic, free-enterprise system; rather, they teach victimhood. The true American spirit and experiences remain elusive for millions of manageable zombies, while politicians and bureaucrats live large on the plantation’s master house in Washington.

War on drugs:

Drug addiction is an epidemic in our country that follows the paralyzing dependency upon government like stink follows manure.

However, the war on drugs is like so many other government programs; it results in a war on lawful Americans. Spreading the DEA’s wide net to find drug dealers, includes financial records of all Americans. Lawful people choosing to deal in cash get caught in the federal net, and in many cases have to prove their cash was not obtained by illegal drug activity. Civil forfeiture laws which allow local, state, and federal law enforcement to seize property and cash without arrest or trial rips the heart out of the Constitution. Law-abiding citizens are in a catch-22 situation of losing their property or spending a fortune for attorneys and court costs to protect their own property. Law enforcement uses these laws to finance their departments; which primes the pump of corruption.

Having to prove one’s innocence instead of government proving guilt is an unconstitutional policy shared by the IRS and DEA.

Overreaching, overbroad pursuit for drugs catches honest people in more than financial nets. “No-knock warrants” are all-too frequently issued to wrong addresses resulting in innocent people being terrorized and sometimes killed by masked, heavily armed police commandos.

Innocent Americans are not only in harm’s way, but their constitutional rights repeatedly violated for no other reason than politics of coercion disguised as security. Liberals never miss an opportunity to go soft on criminals, and conservatives detest building jails and prisons because placing their name on a prison plaque lacks panache. Persecute and prosecute criminals, not innocent Americans.

Liberals believe criminals are victims and society is to blame for crime. They reason; therefore, it’s perfectly acceptable to punish, inconvenience, harass, and strip lawful citizens of their rights.

Part 3 will review the Patriot Act, TSA, NSA, our loss of industrial might, the commerce clause, global warming, public unions, property rights, illegal immigration, energy policy, executive orders, Obamacare, criminal justice system, and federal monetary policy.

Jim Mullen

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