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What happened to Michael Jackson’s Neverland?

The Neverland once filled with life and luster is now a distant memory.
The Neverland once filled with life and luster is now a distant memory.
photo courtesy of creative commons

Apparently the fairy-dusted real estate property has been frozen in time. The backyard fantasyland is long gone, but what remains, five years post death, are heartfelt notes by saddened fans. People from all over continue to visit the once magical and mysterious home of the king of pop.

Micheal Jackson's Neverland
photo courtesy of Creative Commons

James Chen, a fan from Seattle, stopped outside of Neverland during a road trip with his father. He admitted, “I figured it would just be a closed gate, but I still wanted to see it for myself.”

Although there are numerous ventures of entertainment post-Jackson, including a new album and Cirque du Sole shows, there fails to be equal action happening at Neverland. Many rumors circulate regarding the property, but what may end up happening, according to the Miami Herald, is it transforming into a “Graceland-like homage,” or sold to the absolute highest bidder.

There is something almost scary and mysterious about a house that someone so famous lived in and died. So many questions surface about the many children that were lucky enough to experience Neverland. The devastation of a tragic death lingers on the property and the possible media attention that a new homeowner could experience may turn many off to the estate.

Colony Capital LLC was the real estate firm that once bailed Jackson out on a defaulted $24.5 million payment he owed on Neverland. The firms’ spokeswoman, Caroline Luz, says the Santa Ynez property, 150 miles north of Los Angeles, is being maintained. No further information was given as she declined to comment.

Developer William Bone built the estate in 1981 and called it Sycamore Valley Ranch. Jackson bought the property for $19.5 million in 1988 and renamed it Neverland after Peter Pan’s island oasis. Soon after, he added a zoo and a small amusement park, spending approximately $35 million on renovations. What else would you do with 2,700 acres of land?

Charges of child molestation caused Jackson to turn his back on Neverland in 2005. Eldest son, Prince, told a civil court jury last year, “ I guess they ruined it for my dad.”

It was reported that Paul Macartney and his then wife, Linda, rented the property before he owned it. And Elizabeth Taylor married her eighth husband, Larry Fortenski, on the property.

The amusement park is now a memory in time leaving the future of Neverland still unsettled.

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