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What happened to Leanne Bearden?

Leanne Bearden disappeared on January 17, 2014.
Leanne Bearden disappeared on January 17, 2014.

Just under a month after Leanne Bearden disappeared, there may be a break in the case. Though not yet confirmed to be the missing 33-year-old, human remains have been discovered in a wooded area outside of Garden Ridge, TX, less than a mile from where Leanne was last seen. Items located with the body, specifically a backpack and jewelry, are what lead police to believe it is the missing woman. An autopsy will be done to confirm cause and manner of death.

Leanne and her husband, Josh, had just returned from a 22-month trek around the world before she disappeared. They had been staying at his parents' house in Garden Ridge, planning to return to Denver, where they had lived prior to their journey.

Early on in the investigation, Donna O'Conner, chief of the Garden Ridge Police Department, had said "We have exhausted the area surrounding our city..." If that's the case, how did they overlook the remains discovered today? Or were those remains placed there after the extensive searches? Fingers were pointed at Josh Bearden almost immediately after his wife's disappearance, but friends and family were quick to jump to his aid, saying that he was devastated and would never hurt Leanne. These same friends and family members also say that Leanne would never have just walked away, that it had to be foul play.

What really did happen to Leanne Bearden? Was she murdered? Was there some kind of accident or medical condition that could have led to her death? Hopefully, the discovery of the remains may shed some light on what happened in this situation, and if there be a need for justice, it will be swift.