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What happened to Khia Lake?

Khia Lake vanished on Wednesday night
Khia Lake vanished on Wednesday night
Family photo provided to media for use

A 14-year-old teen vanished from Warwick, Rhode Island and officials don't know what happened to her. This Monday news report reveals that Khia Lake was last seen on Wednesday night wearing a black v-neck top and a pair of black shorts with the word "dancer" on the backside. She stands at around 5'3", with shoulder-length brown hair and a lip piercing. Police searched for the teen with scent dogs on Sunday, but nothing was found in the search.

Khia is known to frequent parks and bike paths,but reports aren't sharing how this is relevant to her disappearance in regards to whether it was voluntary or involuntary. Did this 14-year-old girl run away from home, or did something more sinister happen to her? The fact that police have been out with dogs looking for her indicates that they're not sure themselves.

The lack of urgency in the media coverage of this case could be because she's gone missing before. This report shares that the teen has run off before, but "never for this long." Her mom reported her missing the day after she was last seen, which means there has to be some reason why there was concern. Yet her case hasn't hit the national media headlines yet. Her status as a prior runaway shouldn't deter from the possibility that she could be missing under violent circumstances, though there doesn't appear to be any evidence of such a thing. Hopefully officials can get to the bottom of what happened to the West Warwick teen.