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What happened to Joelle Lockwood?

Joelle Lockwood vanished several weeks ago...
Joelle Lockwood vanished several weeks ago...
Evansville Police Dept. Joelle Lockwood mugshot

Evansville, Indiana: Have you seen this missing woman? Joelle Lockwood vanished in early July, but there are new updates in her case. This Aug. 17 report highlights new statements being made by loved ones of the missing woman -- who want to remind everyone in the public that Joelle's lifestyle or past doesn't matter; She's still a missing person with people in her life that love her. There is also a Facebook community page dedicated to the search for the woman, and people from all over frequently post on it, with over 2,000 followers. The moderator of this page claims that there is a person of interest in Joelle's case.

If there is truly a person of interest in this case, then this indicates that foul play is an element. In that case, what actually happened to Joelle Lockwood? This previous news report shares that investigators have interviewed numerous people and have even interviewed a few more than once. Sgt. Jason Cullum with the EPD shared some less-than-positive sentiment about the case as well when he made this statement:

"We do have a concern of where this is going to take us."

The 30-year-old missing woman was last seen walking by herself near Pigeon Creek. Beyond that, not much else is known by the public. Just like her loved ones have expressed: It doesn't matter what this woman's past was. She's still missing, and there are people out there who love her and who are worried about her. If the person of interest in this case turns into a suspect, it's hopeful that he (or she) takes this fact into consideration and let investigators know where she is. Otherwise, it's hard to speculate what kind of ending this case could end up having.