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What happened to Jarrae Estepp?

Who killed Jarrae?
Who killed Jarrae?
NBC Los Angeles

The body of 21-year-old Jarrae Estepp was found at a recycling center in Anaheim, California on Friday. With the huge advances in technology, workers at the plant can immediately tell where items came from, based on their location inside. In this case, it was determined that the container that held the young woman's body was in an area known for prostitution and human trafficking. While it's not still certain that Jarrae was involved in this lifestyle, she was charged with prostitution in Oklahoma in 2012.

How did she get from there to California? Does she have any involvement with a human trafficking ring? These answers to these questions are being investigated, but it's likely that this case will merely be quickly forgotten, with many people saying, "Who cares? She is only a hooker." People who say that forget that even hookers are someone's daughter, or mother, or friend. Even they have people that love them.

Will there be justice for Jarrae? Will the person responsible for her death be held accountable? Twenty-one is too young to die. She had a whole life ahead of her, one that could have been filled with positive things. Now she will never have that chance. Hopefully, evidence will be found that may answer police questions and lead to a suspect.