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What happened to Catie Miller?

Where is Catherine "Catie" Miller?
Where is Catherine "Catie" Miller?
Find Catie Miller Facebook Page

Dartmouth woman Catie Miller is still missing, and this Sunday report (Aug. 17) shares that her loved ones are continuing the search for her. Flyers showing the missing woman's face are still being handed out and plastered around the area. Meanwhile, the investigation behind her disappearance is being "played close to the chests" of the police investigating her case. That means her loved ones are essentially as in the dark as the public when it comes to information about Catie's disappearance. John Miller, Catie's father, said the following:

"They [detectives] will inform us of anything significant. We have a liaison representative from the police who we can communicate with if we have questions, or if they want to tell us anything."

Catie vanished just over a month ago, and it's reportedly out of her character to go missing like this. She is a responsible worker -- a trained electrician -- and the mother of a three-year-old child. None of her accounts (bank, social media or Netflix) have been accessed since she vanished. All of these details indicate the very clear possibility that she met some kind of foul play, or is otherwise not missing on her own free will. So what happened to her? What are the possibilities?

The details of the case are pretty slim. Catie (also known as Catherine Miller) sent a text to her stepmother at around 11:11 a.m., on July 15, 2014. That was the last known contact anyone has had with the missing woman since that day. She had recently moved to an apartment on Windmill Road and Stairs Street in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia so her new daily routine hasn't been established yet. However, it's known that she did not drive; She frequently used buses and cabs. Since her family doesn't know what her established routine was at the time of her disappearance, it's pretty much impossible to rule out foul play. We don't know if she was being followed or if one of her neighbors in the area had nefarious motives.

Social media is playing a large role in the search for Catie Miller, with the hashtag #FindCatieMiller becoming popular, and the official Facebook page dedicated to her case reaching as many as 1,950 follwers. Hopefully this wide media and social media attention can get some help in the search for Catie, and if there are any suspects out there who may have done something to her this social media push could end up reaching their own backyards. Anything is possible when you have the power of people, united, to find a loved one or solve a case.