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What happened to ‘Boss’?

Kelsey Grammer, who played the ruthless mayor of Chicago, won a Golden Globe for playing the role. But being the "Boss" has its challenges as well.
Kelsey Grammer, who played the ruthless mayor of Chicago, won a Golden Globe for playing the role. But being the "Boss" has its challenges as well.

Sometimes ratings can kill you. Many good shows get kicked to the curb because of so-called low ratings. The drama series “Boss” which was on pay channel Starz for two seasons, got kicked to the curb. in a November 2012 article stated this snippet: “After much deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to not proceed with (a third season of) Boss,” said Starz in a statement Tuesday. “We remain proud of this award-winning show, its exceptional cast and writers, and are grateful to Kelsey Grammer, Farhad Safinia and our partners at Lionsgate TV.”

As one who watched the show, after the cancellation viewers were left hanging. Was there dispute behind the scenes with the actors? Are ratings that important on pay view channels when many Americans can’t even afford to watch? Were those in charge of the series just tired of putting together more interesting plots? also stated “The Grammer-starring drama was not owned by Starz, with Lionsgate TV controlling international and DVD rights.” A two-hour movie was proposed during that time but nothing has evolved. in an August 2013 article explains why the movie was called off –

Despite budget likely being a factor, Albrecht says that it was series creator Farhad Safinia who felt the show had run its course. After getting a little off track during Season 2, it would have been difficult to fill out the storyline the rest of the way.

“Farhad Safinia didn't see it. We were ready to make it with Lionsgate. In Boss' case there wasn't a groundswell of support. The first season, people were comparing it to The Wire. It's a cruel world out there and Boss was a fine show that somehow didn't find the constituencies that were necessary for us to be able to feel confident. If we did a third season, we were going to do a fourth and a fifth.”

Albrecht is Chris Albrecht, Starz CEO in the quote.

At the end of Season Two, a movie would have been complimentary to the series. The term in the above comment about “getting a little off track during Season 2” sounds confusing and misleading. If you were a curious fan like me, you would have wanted to see what happened to the characters. Here’s what was left hanging at the end of Season Two –

Mayor Tom Kane. Was Chicago Mayor Tom Kane (played by Kelsey Grammer) going to die or continue battling his health of his degenerative disease? Was a special election due to his sickness take place? Would he find out his wife was messing around?

Grammer won a Golden Globe for the role. Did Grammer’s personal life at the time cause conflict with the series?

Kitty O’Neill (played by actress Kathleen Robertson). She was Mayor Kane’s right-hand confidant but left him to work for a female candidate. She was also interested in developing her own power while the candidate she started to work for turns out to be gay. What happened in this scenario?

Mona Fredricks (played by actress Sanaa Lathan). Described as the “strong-willed and politically-savvy from Chicago’s notorious South Side," Mona worked for a powerful alderman. Married with two children and the mayor’s new Chief of Staff, she impressed Mayor Kane with her work. Kane was somewhat sexually attracted to her and had fantasies about her. At the end of Series Two she was sitting on the steps in front of her house, which could be assumed her job at the mayor’s office was over.

Ian Todd (played by actor Jonathan Groff). A hungry go-getter who competes and distrusts Mona in the mayor’s office, he tries to impress Kane in every way. In order to put himself on top even further, he develops a homosexual relationship with Kane’s challenger for information.

Meredith Kane (played by actress Connie Neilsen). A get-back-at-ya kind of wife, Mrs. Kane exerts her power and venom by being the mayor’s wife and being part of the city council. She also does not like Mona and at the end of the series she is on a yacht sexing another man. What becomes of her status remains a mystery.

Emma Kane (played by actress Hannah Ware). Emma works at a clinic where she helps downtrodden people but she has issues of her own. A drug addict and dealing with a black lover who is a drug dealer, she wants him out of her life. Her relationship with her parents is not on the best of terms. Her status also remains a mystery.

Darius Morrison (played by actor Rotimi, real name Olurotimi Akinosho) is a drug dealer and Emma’s lover. A fine looking man with a gorgeous body, it would have been interesting to find out what happened to him and his secret love affair with the mayor’s daughter.

Trey Rogers (played by actor/hip-hop star Tip “T.I.” Harris). Trey is a street smart former gangbanger who is Darius’ cousin. He was the type of person many politicians would want to have on their side – a liaison who could deal with the criminal element while savvy enough to play by the rules in politics or the projects. What were his forwarding plans?

More on the series breakup can be found here:

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