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What happened to Big & Rich?

Big Kenny
Big Kenny
Big Kenny 2010

Big Kenny and John Rich burst on the seen seemingly out of nowhere several years ago, but these two Nashville workhorses and founding members of the MUZIKMAFIA have been around for a long time.  While we have not heard anything new from Big & Rich recently, Both Big Kenny and John Rich are still around, still making music, and are only taking a short break to address personal growth.


"I just got back from Africa. Wow, what a crazy whirlwind trip! Two days flying over to Kenya, two days visiting food and school programs in Mathare and Kibera Slums with World Food Programme in Nairobi. Meeting some of the most talented kids ever whose parents (if they have any) make about a $1 a day. The kids come to school because they get a cup of food a day, that way they can survive, focus and are excited to get an education. Truly the kind of stuff that is changing lives. And the talent the kids have is just fantastic!

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John Rich has been recording new music and making new videos. "Country Done Come to Town," the newest single from John Rich, is now available on iTunes along with the music video.  The music video includes footage shot at John's Nashville abode. You know once "Country Done Come to Town," nothing really ever seems the same again.



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