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What happened to Baby Delano?

What happened to this missing infant?
What happened to this missing infant?
Image provided to media; Delano Wilson

Police are searching for a six-week-old infant, whom they say was kidnapped from his parents in broad daylight. An Amber Alert was in effect Wednesday evening after the father reported the child's disappearance to police. This report, among numerous others, shares some of the details in this case, as sparse as they may be. Was this infant really snatched brazenly like the parents claim, or is something else going on in this bizarre case?

The 23-year-old father of missing baby Delano Wilson claims that a man and woman attempted to rob him at gunpoint before abducting the baby. The father, Willie Wilson, claims that he was hit by the duo, and described their getaway vehicle as a blue Taurus. It apparently also took the police several hours to issue an Amber Alert for this missing infant, so if the child was truly kidnapped in this bizarre fashion, they certainly waited far too long to issue the alert. If this child was in any danger, then the first three hours of his alleged kidnapping would have been the most important window of time for rescue, since this is the window of time where children are most likely murdered by a strange kidnapper.

It's hard to tell what could have happened to this child, but it is hopeful that law enforcement officers in Indianapolis are on top of this investigation. In fact, this report reveals that the father of the missing baby has been held on an unrelated drug charge. Meanwhile, the search continues for the six-week-old infant, who has now been missing for over 24-hours.