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What happened to a senior, stray shepherd mix named 'Pepe?'

Via Facebook

On August 19, a senior German shepherd mix named "Pepe," arrived as a stray to the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control facility in Baldwin Park, Calif.

Since that time, the eight-year-old dog has seemed to be recovering from some type of traumatic event which has led to his utter exhaustion. On August 21, the Facebook page, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, wrote the following information about Pepe:

PEPE is 8 and whatever led up to him arriving at the shelter has made him exhausted. He has sores on his legs and hips it seems like, he is underweight and has an injury and his ear Please take another look at this sleeping beauty and SHARE, the shelter is full and this angel needs help.

Individuals have pondered whether Pepe was separated from his family and was trying to make his way back to them when he was picked up as a stray, or whether he escaped from a neglectful home and the animal control facility is the first place that he can relax because he finally receiving food, water and shelter.

Nobody aside from Pepe knows the truth - but his condition clearly shows that Pepe's life has not been easy in the recent past.

Please take a moment to network Pepe's information:

  • Petharbor link for Pepe here
  • ID number A3742375
  • Neutered
  • Age 8 years
  • Facebook thread for Pepe here
  • Video of Pepe on Facebook here
  • Available August 28
  • Link to video of Pepe at the facility here
  • Los Angeles County Animal Control - Carson at (310) 523-9566
  • Please direct all inquiries about this dog to the facility; ask for information about animal ID number A3742375

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