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What happened at the ‘Big Brother 16’ PoV ceremony? What did Brittany do?

What happened at the ‘Big Brother 16’ PoV ceremony? What did Brittany do?
What happened at the ‘Big Brother 16’ PoV ceremony? What did Brittany do?
Photo courtesy of CBS Big Brother 16 live feeds and used with permission

Big Brother 16” fans are tweeting and posting all over Facebook asking the same questions. What happened at the Power of Veto ceremony? What did Brittany say?

Last night, July 9, “Big Brother 16” ended with Devin using the Power of Veto to take his nominee Brittany off the chopping block. Devin replaced Brittany with Zach, a Bomb Squad alliance member. It seemed the meeting was over and like every other Wednesday Power of Veto ceremony fans expected to know the names of nominees. This was not the case and fans were left hanging, not certain if Brittany was on or off the block.

Those watching the live feeds do not get to watch Power of Veto ceremonies and houseguests are instructed not to discuss production. This is not always a strictly adhered to rule, but in this case, as in several others, the “Big Brother 16” houseguests must have been instructed to be carefully what they said when the feeds went back up after the Power of Veto ceremony.

What do we know from the live feeds? Subscribers got them back at around 1:20 p.m. PT and Zach was still a nominee for eviction. Zach must have given a speech and thrown his fellow Bomb Squad members under the bus, specifically Frankie.

Frankie was speechless and asked Zach why he “did that.” Zach went on to explain that he had to make certain other people think that he does not trust Frankie. The two houseguests Zach referenced in the conversation were Cody and Derrick. Zach told Frankie that he still trusts him and he has his back. Zach explained to Frankie that the rest of the house still trusts him despite the fact that Zach exposed the Bomb Squad. Frankie told Zach they do not anymore, Cody and Derrick will not even look at him.

“Big Brother 16” live feed subscribers were left believing that Zach was still up for eviction. Also, that something took place at the Power of Veto ceremony that upset the entire house and put Zach and Frankie’s alliance in jeopardy.