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What happened at Little Rock Air Force Base? (Update)

Main gate at Little Rock Air Force Base
Main gate at Little Rock Air Force Base
Wikimedia Commons

During a "Major Accident Response Exercise" at the Little Rock Air Force Base Wednesday, something took place that prompted a four hour long "lock down." Now, officials are claiming that the incident was a "false alarm."

The initial reports cited a "suspicious person," but no further details were given. During the lock down, it is also known that three C-130s "were diverted" to Little Rock National Airport.

Evidently, some reports were claiming that a shooter was on the base. A local news outlet reported that "officials" with the air force base asserted that “despite reports to the contrary, there is not an active shooter on base. There is a suspicious individual.” This claim, however, was contradicted by a commenter on a Facebook post at the "2 Million Bikers to DC" Facebook page, as reported first at Liberty Unyielding.

The commenter, who claimed to be a resident of the Little Rock Air Force Base, said, “Its a shooter, not a ‘suspicious person...’” When asked for more information, he continued,

“…they have an idea of who he is, but I am NOT going into that as it has NOT been confirmed officially. They know what to look for as he is wearing body armor, helmet, and some sort of assault rifle.”

After the lock down was lifted, Arkansas Matters reported that "[A]fter an exhaustive search in order to locate this suspicious individual, that person was never found." Mallory Thornton, LRAFB Public Affairs Chief, however, said that the threat was "no longer credible."

"After we conducted a thorough search of the base we found the report to be invalid and no longer credible with multiple interviews and a full search of the base." She continued, "we're going to do a full after-action investigation, of course, but we take any allegations or reports seriously."

As usual with breaking stories, reports can conflict. This article will be updated if further information becomes available.

*Update: According to the Greenfield reporter, the lockdown occurred "after they [officials] received a report that a suspicious individual tried to forcibly gain access to a base building." They said that they "conducted a sweep of the base and determined the report was a case of mistaken identity and there was no threat."

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