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What happened (and what will happen) to grown-up Republicans?

Former Senator Howard Baker (R-TN)
Former Senator Howard Baker (R-TN)
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What do the remaining senatorial members of what was “your father’s Republican Party” do now that they have been marginalized and practically purged from candidacy within the Party? What do the grown-ups do now that they have been regulated to the proverbial broom closet?

Karl Rove, who was recognized by the liberal establishment as the evil genius, the man for whom we have to thank for George W. Bush, and the man who was to become known as Bush’s Brain has had to moderate or walk back his primary election night commentary on Christine O’Donnell’s defeat of U.S. Rep. (and former Delaware Governor) Mike Castle in a fashion that undermines whatever credibility he had with anyone, left or right.

One wonders what currently serving, and widely respected, bona fide conservative Republican senators like Richard Lugar (IN), Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX), the retiring Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, or even super partisan ultra conservative types like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman John Cornyn of Texas, Arizona’s Jon Kyl, and Orrin Hatch of Utah really think of the prospects of people like Christine O’Donnell becoming members of the world’s greatest deliberative body.

One wonders what other universally respected statesman like former President George H.W. Bush, and former Tennessee Senator and Reagan White House Chief of Staff Howard Baker, or former Secretary of State and Treasury Secretary James A. Baker III thinks of the Rand Paul’s or Sharron Angle’s of the world

Senator Robert Bennett of Utah was by no means a moderate, much less a liberal (nor, by the way, was Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski). He was however a collegial and responsible legislator who was occasionally willing to work with Democrats to find viable solutions to glaring issues. This is, of course, unacceptable to the Beck, Bortz, Hannity, Levin and Limbaugh propaganda syndicate who now explicitly tell conservatives how, and for whom, to vote.

While this anger filled motivation by media indoctrination has an undeniably energizing effect on many so-called conservatives, and has the lunatics seemingly on the verge of once again commandeering the keys to the asylum; it nonetheless leaves rational conservatives and moderate Republicans (an increasingly anachronistic oxymoronic description in itself) without a vessel, or feeling forced to stow away on a ship with a history of throwing its long-serving, and most responsibly reliable crew overboard (to mix metaphors).

Lindsay Graham (R-SC), you’re next.


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