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What group of people is Tracy Morgan offending today?

First covering his nipples, then his mouth, then they come for youuuuu.
First covering his nipples, then his mouth, then they come for youuuuu.

Following up his 'awkward' 'stand-up joke' about killing his son if he were gay, Tracy Morgan has bent down and kissed the ring of whomever represents the Reverend Jesse Jackson of the gay community and tried to repent his ways. Alas, though, once the door has been opened on people offended by humor, everyone steps up to complain.

In what has to be the most ironic twist of all time, Morgan's now in trouble with The Arc, a support group for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The following is the joke Morgan made to incite such ire:

"Don't ever mess with women who have retarded kids. Them young retarded males is strong. They're strong like chimps."

OH COME ON. First of all, Tracy Morgan himself is speculated to have some kind of mild autism or something. Have you ever just watched him wander around? That's not how a fully normal human being acts. Second of all, that's not the same at all as his weird rant about gays. The rant wasn't funny, there were no jokes, and it was just weird. This is obviously an attempt at humor. He just stuck the word 'retard' in there. He could easily have subbed 'young ethnic male' or whatever. It's just lazy formula comedy. Third of all 'retard' as an insult is a vague description that no group of special needs people are SPECIFICALLY labeled with. And news flash: unlike how the word 'fag' is a bigoted insult that only translates into slang for a cigarette in the UK, or, if when elongated into faggot, means 'a bundle of sticks' or a Western England meatball, TO RETARD SOMETHING is a real word and description. Plenty of people describe ALL kids as retards.

Once everyone starts getting offended by everything, there won't be any jokes left. Let me tell you who gets it the worst: not the gays or the retards. Women. There would probably be no jokes without disparaging, demeaning, stereotyped comments about women. Yet I'm not going to revolt every time a comedian takes the stage and dares to say something about my gender. Just find a way to give it back to them just as hard. Everything is offensive to someone. BUCK IT UP, PEOPLE.

The secret to ending bullying and hate isn't to push your own approved intolerance on other people. You don't change people by censoring them. In fact, you ferment more resentment from people who think, "Hey, you can't even come up with a valid argument why I shouldn't hate you, so you just try to tell me I can't." Guess what? If the people who are bullied stop giving a crap what dumb bullies think, their power is gone! Done! Yay!

The biggest issue here is not that Tracy Morgan is offensive, but that he's NOT FUNNY. Sometimes he is, but for the most part, his stand-up routine and his character on 30 Rock revolve around him acting mentally retarded and blurting out weird crap like a fifth grader with Tourette Syndrome. So crucify him for being overrated, but don't use his bad jokes as a means to promote censorship. Because seizing everyone by the tongue and controlling their retarded.


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