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What goes through the mind of a condemned person?

What would you think about when you know the very day you are going to die? That thought has been going through my mind consistently, lately, in the past week. I'm scheduled to have surgery in which I would be put under with anesthesia. I am one of those people that the more times I am "put under", the longer it takes me to come out. I think about the possibility that I may not come out of it. Then I start to think about if I am ready, did my life make a difference to others, was I a good friend, or husband. So many thoughts and emotions occupy my mind. The same may go through those with a terminal illness. Eternity seems to be the foremost thought, along with retrospective and present day thinking about how we lived, and our relationship to others.

Now, we go back to the condemned. They were condemned by their fellow man for crimes against humanity. The attitude of the victims is that they have had enough of the behavior that brought them to this point. The condemned knows almost the exact time he is scheduled to leave this earth, barring any unforeseen circumstances. He knows approximately how. What does go through his mind? I think it would depend on several factors. First if he is non-repentant, he may blame everybody under the sun, and God, for his circumstance. He may feel he is entitled to live his life as he sees fit and everybody's life revolves around his. Or he may feel that he doesn't blame anybody, but does not deserve to be put to death. He may express fear of the unknown, and fear of the procedure, but he still is unrepentant. Thirdly, he may be repentant, yet fear the unknowns. He, maybe, retrospectively think about what brought him to this point, but still wants to live because he is afraid of dying. Finally, there are those few who are truly sorry, accept the judicial appointment they have made for themselves. They even have recognized the need for the salvation of their souls, and once they have accepted Jesus as their savior, accept their fate with no fear, because they have put their eternity in His hands.

These three scenarios, those facing surgery, the condemned facing execution, and those with terminal diseases, think about the prospect of death more than anyone else on earth. The others go through life thinking about their needs, their jobs, their family without the thought of death. There are some exceptions, but basically this is true. Those are the exceptions until an unexpected accident or medical episode happens, then we emotionally rush around to make our peace, just in case.

Death is a scenario that will happen to everybody. It should be an attitude that affects how we live, think, and how we treat others that would determine how eternity will treat us. It should be an an attitude that we joyfully embrace if we live our lives in Christ. Are you one who does look death in the eyes joyfully, and to let it know you will be victorious over it? To be able to do just that, all you have to do is ask for forgiveness of your sins, ask Jesus into your, and ask Him to be your Lord and Savior. Nothing elaborate. If you did that today, welcome to the family of the victorious. But, remember, today is all you have. Yesterday is gone, you are not guaranteed tomorrow, so for all intents and purposes, all you have today. Make the most of it.

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