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What get's you motivated?

My motivation comes from my baby girl that is going to be born July 25. I feel that I have to be better than what I am right now. I have to push myself everyday physically, mentally and emotionally. My life is about to start anew.

What motivates you?

Do you visualize yourself being more active? Do you visualize yourself running a 5k or hiking a mountain? I will tell you now, if you are not in shape you will not enjoy these things as much. If you have children and you are out of shape and you can not play with your own children for more than ten minutes without having to sit down that should become a big motivator for you.

Look at what you want, or set goals for yourself.

All of us set goals mentally. Whether it is to make money for bills or whether it is to read a book a week. Well think of your own body as a goal. Our body has unlimited potential. You are the only one holding it back. Mind over matter is starting to become my motto. If you believe that you can do something and you work through the toughest periods of the most grueling workouts of your life you will realize that other things will become much easier.

  1. Set a goal that is obtainable.
  2. Look for the person or thing in your life that can motivate you.
  3. Find someone in your life that is willing to help you along with that goal, or is motivated by the same goal.
  4. Prepare yourself mentally, be confident, be your own person, divide and conquer the hard ships in your life.
  5. Lastly do not let anything stand in your way, become an emotional steal trap. This will allow you to push away the negativity of others that don't get what your doing. Their comments even if supportive can be distracting whether supportive or not.

Soon I will write an article on just what to do whether you can 16-70 years of age. Everything I write can be added or subtracted to your ability.

I hope you have read this thoroughly and see that you yourself have a goal in your mind and that the only thing holding you back is yourself.

Sincerely, Robert T Castro


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