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What First?

Ronda, Spain
Ronda, Spain
Amy Perez

It has been your dream, your aspiration to live in Spain for more years than you can count. So the opportunity to move abroad has arrived and you are going for it, packing up and saying good-bye. “Adventure” is your middle name. To step into the unknown is courageous and admirable but if you want to ensure an extended stay you must be prepared and know what you are getting into in terms of regulations for living abroad.          

This article and the articles that will follow will advise you about life in Spain. Useful topics such as what you need to rent an apartment, to open a business, to drive a car and many other relevant issues will be addressed with these articles,     

Maybe you are lucky enough to have secured a work contract position through the legal channels and your contract abroad is secured. You must still follow the normal protocol of a foreigner abroad. Law enforcement agencies often serve as a starting off point for immigrants moving to a new country in addition to the formal immigration offices, especially in smaller towns. It is here that you need to register your arrival and plans to live permanently and show any documentation provided by your employer. This is the first step in securing permanent residency. Many foreigners bypass this step with the assumption that there documentation is enough validation for living abroad. Quite frankly, many countries have enforced stringent residency regulations on Americans in retaliation to our strict immigration laws. So, following the established steps is very important in securing a smooth transition from visitor to permanent resident and to avoid a lengthy paperwork nightmare.                                                                        

Whether you are moving abroad for your career or for an adventure, you will “literally” experience a new world and will grow as an individual personally and professionally. Anyone who has lived abroad will not dispute that times are often difficult and challenging but they will also declare wholeheartedly that living abroad is something that everyone should experience and will benefit from.


Bon Voyage!