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What Festivals are you most looking forward to?

Ah, spring... with the changing of the clocks and the warming of the temperatures (the last of my snow left about a week ago... buh-bye!), Baltimore turns its attention to the warm-weather fun of festivals. There's so many, and so many unique-to-Baltimore themes. From the Privateers who invade Fells Point in April, to the Hons to flock the Avenue in June, all the way to the unique cultural events hosted by the various dynamic cultural groups and the Renaissance Faire that closes out the core season, Baltimore and the Baltimoreregion is an area defined by celebrations and festivities!

Now that we’re entering “core festival season,” I’ll be sure to share my favorite festivals in Baltimore and nearby environs. Today, though, I’m curious. What are YOUR favorite festivals? And which events are you most looking forward to attending during 2010?

Your suggestions will help me set my review schedule this summer. The only request is that the events be Maryland-based (sorry, Bonaroo and Burning Man will have to wait for another time). Of course, I’ll share my personal top list in the coming days.

The thing about Baltimore festivals and Baltimore-area festivals is that there’s something that appeals to everyone. I’m definitely looking forward to sharing them all with you!


  • Cristina Myers Kerr 5 years ago

    I think I went to school in Naples with you!

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